Stoney Glen Playground Inspection, 2011

July 3, 2019


I am writing to advise you that due to the current unsafe conditions of the playgrounds, they have been roped off and closed due to liability and safety concerns.

In 2011 the HOA paid to have a playground inspection done on Stoney Glens 2 existing playgrounds.

Issues that were a safety concern eight years ago are still apparent on the playgrounds today.

1. The older play area currently has about 4 inches of woodchips throughout the play area, 12 inches is the recommendation.

2. Play World Systems Structure - Slide has cracks in the exit region.

3. Big Toys Playhouse Roof Board and hardware chipped.

4. Game S overhead Ladder - Rusted

5. Swings multiple S hooks rusted or worn.

6.PolyWall Retainer Wall - Older Lot - Soil Nails Protruding some missing.

7. Paint Erosion noted numerous pieces of equipment.

8. Playworld Systems Structure - Platform at Hdwr at step bouncer worn.

9. Big Toys EC Custom Structure Tot Lot - 4 Bolts and Hardware is missing at the top of the slide.

10. Big Toys EC Custom Structure age 5 - 12 sign missing.

11. PlayWorld Systems Structure Both Slide top connections broken.

Below are the Pictures of the subject equipment from Innovative PLayground Services Inc.

The Stoney Glen Board is committed to correcting these issues ASAP.

The Safety of our Children, Grandchildren and Guests Children is our main concern and a priority.


Timothy Casten, President 

Stoney Glen Homeowners Association.

Attached here is Stoney Glen’s most recent playground inspection.

Below are pictures taken of the playground equipment on July 3, 2019. The playground is currently closed until the issues can be addressed properly and safely.