Playground Concerns

Happy Monday, Neighbors!
Recently, we had an HOA member try and fix things at the playground by installing a piece made from a 3D printer at the Chester Library. While I certainly appreciate everyone’s diligence in trying to get our park in working condition for our children, please do not take it upon yourself to work on the equipment. If someone is hurt, we would be liable - it doesn’t matter if you’re capable of doing the work. If we allow homeowners to work on equipment, ALL HOMEOWNERS are liable. If we have professionals install, maintain and have a steady inspection, we take our liability out of the equation.

I don’t want a lawsuit I have to pay due to this negligence. I want my investment protected by professionals. And I’m trying to protect all of yours as well. If someone gets hurt, we all get sued.

Thanks and take care,
Erin Duffus