architectural review board

Ready to jump into a new home improvement project?

Looking to cut some trees down that look unsafe?

New color scheme catching your interest?

Give your ARB a shout to make sure you are following the CC&Rs!

See something unsafe or damaged that needs fixing?

Our community’s covenants require consultation with our Architectural Review Board (ARB) before many home improvement projects. There are downloadable PDFs at the bottom of this page to guide you in the right direction. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the ARB by clicking the “Contact the ARB” button in the above picture or by clicking here.

Mailboxes shall also be uniform throughout Stoney Glen in color and design.
You can purchase the required mailbox from Lowe’s Home Improvement here.
Mailbox post paint is Behr Base 4050, PP Exterior Flat/Flat, Matte 308-5 MSE Beachsand and can be purchased from Home Depot upon request.

Required house numbers will be added to this page shortly!

Architectural review board members

  • Karl Stafflinger

  • Karen Storm

  • James Key

  • Charles Brinkley

  • Don Agren

  • Jennifer Harlowe

  • Bonnie Reed


“All outside modifications need to be approved by ARB. Here are some examples of modifications requiring approval: changing colors on your house, installing vinyl siding, putting on a new roof, cutting down any trees, installing a fence, etc.

It is not the function of the ARB to patrol the neighborhood for violations. It is our duty to follow up on complaints from concerned homeowners. When they are received, an ARB member will verify the complaint and a letter of incident will be sent to the homeowner. Anything unrelated to the ARB will be forwarded to the HOA's Board of Directors.

The Architectural Review Board”